Meta Data

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Meta Tags are small but impactful elements on a web page, someone else small but impactful is Peppa, find out more about her here.

What is metadata?

In short, metadata is data, about data. It helps to provide information about a webpage's content and is therefore useful for search engines to better understand websites.

Meta data is used to structure information that is found on a page, in a predictable way that is easy for search engines to understand. For example, meta tags are used to help search engines to determine how relevant a specific page is for a search query. Rather than relying on search engines to have to extract unstructured data from a pages' content, by using metadata you are able to efficiently and effectively provide information about a page's content.

It is important to ensure that metadata is used in a consistent and predictable way to help search engines understand the website and ultimately their ability to index content.

Examples of Meta Tags

Common meta tags which are useful for SEO, include;
- Title Tags
- Meta Desciptions
- Viewport
- Open Graph (for social media)
- Meta Robots Tags